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What Clients Ask The Most


When should I refinance?

There are a number of reasons to refinance, You can refinance for home improvements, debt consolidation/ elimination, travel, lower monthly payments, wedding expenses, investment purchases.

Should I get a fixed rate or adjustable rate loan?

Interest rates have been historically low for several years. As a result the adjustable rate mortgage is Obsolete. A fixed rate mortgage is the only low. Program offered for most of the loans today.

Why you need to stop renting

Home purchases are investments. Home ownwers earn equity. The same dollars used for renting can be used to own your own home. Stop Paying someone else’s mortgage! Control over your future, and create a legacy for your children!

Why do I need a lender?

You don’t need a lender if you have the cash to purchase your home! However, if you do not have that SIZEABLE amount of cash, then you may need some help.  As a lender, we work to  provide as much of this cash as we can get you qualified for, so you can secure your home.  Unlike a customary bank, a mortgage bank or lender specializes in mortgage loans only.

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